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Unleash Oceanic Majesty with 8801-016 Sea Blue No-Flake Skirt Tabs from Easy Kasting

Awaken Ocean Vibes with 8801-016 Sea Blue No-Flake Skirt Tabs - Fishing Joy Courtesy of Easy Kasting

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Sail the high seas of fishing adventures with the effervescent 8801-016 Sea Blue no-flake Skirt Tabs! Witness as your fishing line charts a daring course, breathing new life into your routine with an undercurrent of excitement that only the color of bluest ocean waves can provide.

From tranquil ponds to tempestuous lakes, our Sea Blue Skirt Tabs transform your jigs skirts into a treasure chest of the seas, packed to the brim with vibrant, oceanic hues. Journey through 5.75 inches of rich aqua delight (5 inches when cut) that weaves an irresistible tapestry of color underwater.

Each pack is veritable net of mystic ocean beauty, offering 22 strands per tab. With each crafted from standard silicone, these skirt tabs adorn your line with a lively twirl attracting the finned pursuers with relentless allure.

At your behest, we offer packs of 10 or 100 tabs, priced at an enticing $2.50 for a 10-pack or an irresistible $13.75 for a 100-pack. These tabs may be light in weight, but they're heavyweight champions in the world of lures! Ideal for float tubing, traditional hand-tied Texas-rigs, or to add a seascape touch to your favorite jig skirt pattern.

EasyKasting treats you as the captain of the ship, offering you online support with real people, a 30-day cash-back harbor, and customer-friendly shipping options. And to sweeten the deal, we promise you a thrilling ride with 100% buyer protection.

So, are you ready to set sail for an unparalleled fishing experience? Embark onboard with Easy Kasting, and let the Sea Blue no-flake Skirt Tabs steer your adventures towards uncharted territories!
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Don't take our word for it


I had EasyKasting Replicate a favorite color of mine and they nailed it!!!
Thank you!!

Brian Allred


I am a skirt tab junkie, and I used to spend hours searching for skirt tabs! Easy Kasting makes it so easy to find the perfect skirt tabs for my business.

Pete Luna



Some very good material and even better customer service! My new go to spot for jig skirt material!

Justin Crocker

"First monthly 100 tab pack showed up just now. Solid hit on colors. I can use 9 out of the 10 colors right off the bat. Thanks EK!"

Mikey H

Great place to purchase jig skirt material, a lot of color, and good people to work with.

Tommy Vaughn

Great selections and products, even better customer service, always fast and efficient, highly recommend for any jig maker, you will not be disappointed !!!!!

Bob Beery

Kansas City KS

Tap to Build this Skirt Yourself

We Include All the tabs you need to build the PB&J Skirt 10 Tabs each: Peanut Butter Jelly #227 Chestnut Metallic Brown #237 Purple with Blue Flake #028