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Hello, dear lure crafting and jig skirt erection lovers! Welcome to the hub of all things "Easy Kasting". Be prepared for an exhilarating journey where DIY skirt tabbing dreams morph into reality! 🎣👋

Riverside: A Launchpad for Exceptional Skirt Tabs 🏞️💫

With Riverside, California as our base, every day is packed with devotion to one mission—equipping not only the U.S., but indeed the world, with the premier skirt tabs on offer. 🇺🇸🌐

The Aura of Riverside, Encapsulated in Your EK Skirt Tab 🌄🔥

From the moment of our inception in 2016, we've woven the vibrant spirit of Riverside into our operations, ensuring the same dynamism touches each skirt tab we distribute. For us, it's about more than merely delivering top-tier skirt tabs—it's about transmitting the captivating Californian ethos that propels our ambitions. ☀️🌴

Welcome to an Adventure... 🚀🎉

So, remember—whenever you cast with an Easy Kasting skirt tab, you're not just brandishing any ordinary fishing gear. You're engaging with a fragment of Riverside's vivacious allure, an endorsement of our ceaseless efforts to spread EK magic across the globe. 🌍✨

Should you need any assistance or have queries, our dedicated team is always ready to help you, thereby ensuring that the Easy Kasting experience is as smooth as possible. 📍😊

Come on board. Together, we'll reel in an abundant katch! 🐟🥳

Getting started

Our Values: "We will treat our customers with the respect and care they deserve."

Parker Townsend

CEO and Founder, Easy Kasting

You can attach and email them to:

We're happy to make you a custom skirt tab pattern; however, you're required to pay a 1000 minimum order quantity (10, 100 tab packs) once the design is approved. You will need to put down half the deposit upfront and then the rest once the pattern is supported and before production starts—the price given in advance.

After producing this skirt tab, you will no longer have to pay the minimum when replenishing orders.

If this is okay with you, please email your conditions for approval.

Experience Seamless Shipping

Premium Economy Dispatch 🌟
For luxurious affordability, orders from $0.00 to $32.00 are elegantly delivered for only $7.99 USD.

Exclusive Standard Service
Specially curated for orders between $32.01 and $69.99, enjoy refined delivery for $11.00 USD.

Elite Value Priority
Showcasing our appreciation for substantial orders, purchases of $70.00 or more are expedited with a special rate of $8.00 USD.

Supreme Express Arrival 🚀
For the utmost urgency, any U.S. order can be accelerated with Priority Mail Express 1-Day at a premium of $45.00 USD.

Our exclusive shipping partners, USPS, ensure swift and secure transit. Stay informed with continuous updates from dispatch to delivery. Should any product arrive damaged, please reach out with photographic evidence for a swift resolution, including a replacement or a complete refund. Standard delivery across the U.S. spans 3-4 days, exclusive of weekends.

Nope. Our motto is "Skirt Tabs without The Stink!" If you're worried about sticky tabs you're in luck because 99% are smooth and silky.

IF you get a sticky pack - pick the pack up like your praying rubbing the pack for 30 to 60 seconds. The friction causes heat and static, separating the tabs. Give it a try on your old skirt tabs... You won't have to with EK's.

Only the ZOOM series might have a petro smell and stick.

"When referring to 100 skirt tabs, is the 100 referring to total strands or total completed tab?"

YEP! 100 completed tabs.
1 skirt tab is 22 strands - 2 skirt tabs is 44 strands and that makes a normal skirt...

The 100 packs come with 100 completed silicone skirt tabs enough for 50 skirts used it rubber skirt collars.

Have a question about your order/s? Did you get a subpar item? Do you want to know what we're about, want to advertise? Lets Talk! 

We're here to help, please use our Support ticket system
-Easy Kasting Team

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More than that, we do not sell your information to any third parties or sell your email's to anyone!

Have a secure time browsing our store


YES! We honor returns for 30 days. If an item(s) get damaged during transit, we will ship new item(s) to you if you can provide pictures of damage to the item and to the package, it was shipped in. Return S&H defective items will be refunded after inspection of the item. If you're not satisfied with item(s), you can ship the item(s) back at your cost. Item(s) must be in its original, undamaged package. Once we receive the item(s) back, we will refund your money for the product only... A 15% Re-stocking fee may apply.

Terms & Proof!

Yes, we are a real lure and top selling skirt tabs brand. We have been in the skirt tabs business for over seven years, and we have been able to grow our business with a strong obession on customer care.

We have built a loyal customer base by providing people like you skirt tabs without the stink at affordable prices.

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Hey, so your invoice got deleted?

We have a strict policy about invoice (custom) offers: if you can't pay for your products (3 days from sending, unless given a written agreement for exstension.), we can't supply you with the products. We are a small business and don't have the resources to waste on customers who fail to pay.

That's why you only get one chance at an invoice offer. When you fail to pay, your invoice privileges get revoked.

If you still wish to purchase our product, please place an order as usual through our website.

Tight lines as always.

Parker Townsend

CEO and Founder, Easy Kasting

Our company is a high-quality, competitive-cost source of lure parts and baits. Because we provide such great value at such competitive prices, our number one priority is keeping your costs as low as possible by limiting overhead.

Our business model relies on attracting customers who already know what they want and are ready to buy—and doing everything we can for those customers.

That's why our prices are only available to users with an account.

An account costs nothing, but it lets us know you're serious about buying—which means we can focus on giving you the best prices possible and the highest-quality service, without wasting time or money on people who aren't going to purchase.

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