Please Read Before Ordering: Enhance Your Brand with Every Kast - Custom Logo Blades
Please Read Before Ordering: Enhance Your Brand with Every Kast - Custom Logo Blades
Please Read Before Ordering: Enhance Your Brand with Every Kast - Custom Logo Blades
Please Read Before Ordering: Enhance Your Brand with Every Kast - Custom Logo Blades

Please Read Before Ordering: Enhance Your Brand with Every Kast - Custom Logo Blades

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Important Notice for Our Valued Lure Makers:

When you place an order for our Custom Logo Blades, each package contains a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 200 pieces. The displayed pricing reflects the total cost for this quantity, crafted to empower your brand's presence with every single cast. Whether opting for Colorado, Willow, or Dancer styles, rest assured these blades are designed to serve as potent brand ambassadors within a myriad of aquatic adventures.

Additional Processing Fee and Shipping Information:

  • Processing Fee: Please note, a separate processing fee will be applicable to all orders. This fee covers payment processing expenses, and an invoice for this amount will be sent to you via PayPal after your initial payment is completed. This step is crucial to our commitment to providing transparent and fair service pricing.
  • Flat Rate Shipping: To simplify the logistics, all orders will be subject to a flat rate shipping fee of $53 when you checkout, ensuring a straightforward and efficient delivery of your customized blades to your doorstep, ready for action.

We understand these details are essential for making informed decisions about your purchases. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to ensure the best possible service and quality for your lure-making needs.Business Visibility with Every Cast: Custom Logo Blades for Lure Makers

In the world of fishing and lure making, ensuring your brand stands out is more crucial than ever, isn't it? Imagine each cast not only brings the thrill of the catch but also showcases your unique brand to the world. Our custom logo blades—available in Colorado, Willow, and Dancer styles—are not just tools; they're your brand ambassadors in the waters.

Why choose these blades? You’re looking for durability and style, yes, but also for that unique touch that sets your lures apart. We understand that like no other. Our blades are crafted to meet not just the functional needs of lure making but to ensure your brand is vividly remembered at every cast.

How do we ensure your brand stands out? It starts with the precision with which we embed your logo onto each blade, guaranteeing clarity and longevity. You’ve likely wondered if the detail and quality of your logo will withstand the rigors of fishing. We've considered that, dedicating ourselves to techniques that ensure durability.

Thinking about logistics? What if the cost of shipping could be more manageable, and the time it takes to get your blades, faster? Let's talk about it. Our aim is to craft a solution that feels personal and considerate to the unique needs of your business, including combined shipping options for larger orders.

Why wait? Reflection is powerful. Could delaying your decision impact your brand's visibility this season? Contact us. Let’s explore how these custom logo blades can elevate your brand, making every cast a grand reveal. Your input is instrumental in shaping a product that truly represents your brand on the water.

Every successful brand has a story. Let these blades be a chapter in yours.

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$53 up to 1.2lbs

Customer Reviews

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Sheng Auksel
Easy Process

We reached out to Easy Kasting for some custom blades to mark our 5 year establishment celebration. All we did was send him our logo. He made all the communication with the manufacturer. We had mock ups within a couple of days and the finished product in about 8 weeks. They look great as well. Can't wait to get them on our jigs!

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