8816-083  Tennessee Shad

8816-083 Tennessee Shad

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Dive In, Lure Out! Easy Kasting Pre-Orders: Gear Up & Get Your Fish On!

Hey there, you bait builder aficionado! Ever been bummed to find out that your fav skirt tab colors went 'out of stock' quicker than a fish takes the bait? Then pre-ordering is your secret weapon and we're here to ramp up the fun. Let's jump into the FAQs!


Feel like a kid on Christmas morning with pre-orders. You're reserving your choice of goodies (like our top-shelf fishing gear!) before they're even on the shelves. No missing out, no disappointment.

Imagine going to your favorite restaurant and finding the chef has made your favorite dish, just the way you like it, just for you. That's pre-ordering with us. Pick an item you're eyeing, like our 8804-530 Black Holo Silver Scale tabs, and kick back while we get it ready for you.

Fishing is all about patience, right? It turns out, that's also true with pre-ordered items. Our lead time is usually 10-15 days, plus shipping time. But here's the good news, we replenish our stocks every two weeks or so, so you're not going to wait forever!

Not at all! Bait-Making may have its risks, but pre-ordering with us is safe & secure. You're shielded by our 100% buyer protection plan. So you'll get your swanky skirt material supplies or your cash back. No “ifs”, “ands” or “buts”.

Picture this, getting your favorite skirt tabs at a special price, knowing it will arrive on your doorstep as soon as it's available! It's like having VIP access to a concert of your favorite band, only even better. And yes, the rumors are true! Our pre-orders do get a sweet deal price wise.

So, Bait-Boss buddy, don't let the big one get away. Pre-order today and be the envy of everyone on the dock! 🎣

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