Closed "3345 Do-It Weedless Round SE Jig Mold" standing upright, featuring six 1/4 oz cavities. This is a high-quality production mold designed for creating precise weedless round jigs, showcasing the efficiency and precision craftsmanship for anglers and tackle makers.
Open "3345 Do-It Weedless Round SE Jig Mold" laid flat, highlighting all six 1/4 oz cavities. This detailed view showcases the mold's intricate cavity design for crafting precision weedless round jigs, exemplifying the tool's capability in enhancing tackle customization and production.
3345 Do-It Weedless Round SE Jig Mold 1/4 oz
3345 Do-It Weedless Round SE Jig Mold 1/4 oz
3345 Do-It Weedless Round SE Jig Mold 1/4 oz

3345 Do-It Weedless Round SE Jig Mold 1/4 oz

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Size (oz)

Pre-Owned 3345 RSE-6-14
6 1/4 oz

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