A Gentle Reminder: Take Note of Stock Availability!

Hello DIY Skirt-Builders,

As we continue to grow and scale our operations at Easy Kasting, we are thrilled to see our products flying off the virtual shelves. However, this rapid turnover occasionally might result in a purchased item being out of stock after the order is confirmed.

Why Does This Happen?

In electronic commerce, keeping real-time stock accuracy can be tricky due to various factors, such as overwhelming demand and system delays. Occasionally, an item may show in stock at the time of your purchase but could actually be sold out when we begin processing your order.

The Easy Kasting Way Forward

We're doing our very best to minimize these incidences. However, in the event a purchased item is unavailable, we believe in making the resolution process as easy and beneficial to you as possible. Rather than leaving you waiting for a refund, you'll receive an Easy Kasting Gift Card promptly, equivalent to the purchase amount plus a little bit extra for the inconvenience caused. Use it to discover other exciting items in our broad array of quality skirt tabs.

Appreciation for Your Support

We value your understanding as we navigate these waters, and we’re thankful for the trust you place in us. Let's continue to explore this fascinating world of bait-making together, welcoming both the victories and challenges as part of the journey.

Here's to casting lines, catching dreams, and the exciting adventures that lie ahead!

Tight skirt tabs, as always,

Parker (aka Mr. Skirt Tabs)

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Silicone Skirt Tabs Shipping Daily!


I love this shop. I found the perfect silicone skirt tabs for my jigs, and they shipped the same day!




I'm a fisherman and jig maker I've tried all the different skirt suppliers, but nothing compares to the ones I get here. The variety is great and the prices are affordable. They also have some really cool stuff you can't find anywhere else!




I will start off by saying, I have never been so happy with a product as I am with these silicone tabs. they're perfect for my baits. The quality is outstanding and the price is just right. I would highly recommend easy casting to anyone. Will buy more!!