The Secret to Making Your Lures More Attractive

Silicone Skirt Tabs: The Secret to Hooking More Fish (and sales).

If you're a lure maker, you've heard of "skirt tabs," but they're probably not what you think—and they're not something you should try to make yourself.

Skirt tabs are thin silicone strands attached to your lure's backend and help it swim more naturally. They help keep your lure from riding too stiff in the water, making it more visible to fish. They also increase the surface area for your bait to catch fish!

Endless patterns can make any combination your mind imagines, leading to more sales from selective anglers.

But if you haven't used skirt tabs, don't worry—you're not alone. Most lure makers don't use them because they're hard to match patterns and costly if you don't dial in your patterns! But we've got good news... We've come up with our line of fishing skirt tabs made for a beginner and advanced lure makers, so they're non-sticky and won't stink the shop with nauseating petroleum (even after you've finished your baits). They're also made of soft material that won't damage your lures or cause them any harm.

So if you want to get more bites (off fish or anglers) this season, check out Easy Kasting's Silicone Skirt Tabs today!

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Silicone Skirt Tabs Shipping Daily!


I love this shop. I found the perfect silicone skirt tabs for my jigs, and they shipped the same day!




I'm a fisherman and jig maker I've tried all the different skirt suppliers, but nothing compares to the ones I get here. The variety is great and the prices are affordable. They also have some really cool stuff you can't find anywhere else!




I will start off by saying, I have never been so happy with a product as I am with these silicone tabs. they're perfect for my baits. The quality is outstanding and the price is just right. I would highly recommend easy casting to anyone. Will buy more!!