Crank Up the Volume: Skirt Tabs Group Set for a Killer Expansion Encore!

Supercharging Our Skirt Tabs Ensemble - Unleashing Community Growth!

f you're part of the eclectic universe of Skirt Tabs enthusiasts, you're part of a vibrant community rally. As a key participant in this pulsating Skirt Tabs Group, I'm brimming with gratitude and carrying some thrilling news.

Exuberant Skirt Tabs Group members sharing their passion and uniting for the upcoming community expansion

Dive in and discover Ed's "Jr's Custom Jigs" - Michigan's very own jig masterpiece factory. Crafting tantalizing jigs that lure in customers nationwide, their stock occupies shelves in countless stores. A service so splash-worthy you'll be hooked within minutes! 🚀🎣🔥

High-Fives to Our Skirt Tabs Group All-Stars!

Our Skirt Tabs journey is richly adorned by all of you, our fabulous band members, placing orders and showing unwavering support. A rave shout-out to rockstar Richard and other supporters for magnifying our shared vision — you’re the pillars that bolster the charismatic Skirt Tabs Group! Your contributions are the unforgettable music notes in our artistic symphony. We appreciate you!

Onboard the Skirt Tabs Express: Welcoming More Enthusiasts

Our Skirt Tabs Group, made vibrant by our shared love for skirt tabs, beckons more agents of passion. With your trusty captain shouting "All aboard!", let's extend a warm invite to others waiting to embark on this mesmerizing journey with our dynamic Skirt Tabs Community.

Your Voices Resonate in Our Skirt Tabs Community Anthem!

Heard the Skirt Tabs anthem? It's composed of your voices, thoughts, and perspectives! Speak up, express, and contribute to shaping our community's future as we contemplate expanding our numbers.

Marching Towards a Groovy Chapter in the Skirt Tabs Community!

Our group, like a harmonious orchestra, teems with diverse tunes, shared ideas, experiences, and relationships that together lift the curtain on fantastic outcomes. As we strike the chord of community growth, let's keep our rhythm potent and pure. A headbanging salute to our existing members, recent contributors, and soon-to-be fellow enthusiasts. Clutch tightly to our unifying passion for skirt tabs as we drum up anticipation for our upcoming crescendo - expansion.

Fasten your seatbelts, all you marvelous Skirt Tabs fans. Our rock concert of community growth just turned up to eleven!

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Silicone Skirt Tabs Shipping Daily!


I love this shop. I found the perfect silicone skirt tabs for my jigs, and they shipped the same day!




I'm a fisherman and jig maker I've tried all the different skirt suppliers, but nothing compares to the ones I get here. The variety is great and the prices are affordable. They also have some really cool stuff you can't find anywhere else!




I will start off by saying, I have never been so happy with a product as I am with these silicone tabs. they're perfect for my baits. The quality is outstanding and the price is just right. I would highly recommend easy casting to anyone. Will buy more!!