5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Skirt Tabs (But You Totally Should)

Why Skirt Tabs are a Waste of Money (But You Should Buy Them Anyway)

  1. "They're too easy to use." Who wants to save time and effort when creating custom fishing lures? Not you, apparently. Stick to the old-fashioned way of tying skirts by hand and waste valuable fishing time.

  2. "They make your lures look too good." If you want to catch fish, you must ensure your lures are as bland and unappealing as possible. Why risk having a beautiful, eye-catching lure when you can stick to the basics and catch nothing?

  3. "They're too affordable." Why save money when you can spend more on materials and tools to create your own skirt tabs? Plus, you'll be satisfied knowing you made it all from scratch.

  4. "They're too convenient." Imagine being able to quickly and easily change out your lure's skirt color to match the conditions of the water. Sounds too good to be true, right? Stick to the hassle of re-tying your skirts whenever you need a change.

  5. "They're too popular." Everyone is using skirt tabs these days, so why bother? You'll just blend in with the crowd and catch the same fish as everyone else. Who needs an edge when you can be average?

But in all seriousness, buying skirt tabs is an innovative and efficient way to make your custom lures. Don't let these "reasons" hold you back from using this helpful tool to enhance your fishing experience. Trust us; your fishing game will thank you.


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  • David C

    I used to think that tying my own fishing lure skirts by hand was the only way to go, but after trying out wire tying and umbrella skirt tabs, I’m never going back! Sure, they may be too easy to use, affordable, and convenient, but isn’t that the point? With skirt tabs, I can quickly and easily change out the color of my lure’s skirt to match the water conditions, giving me an edge over other anglers.

    Don’t let anyone tell you that using skirt tabs is a waste of money – trust me, your fishing game will thank you! #fishingtips #skirttabs #easykasting

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