The Rig That Saved my Day On The Lake

This Worked:
Dropping the Aarons Magic Roboworm brought the lucky strike I needed to savor my day of fishing, yet again.
The 4.5in pro worm Texas Rigged to a size 1 Gamakatsu circle hook, with a 1/4oz finesse weight. Triggered two bass for a fight. And on 17lb Tactical Fluorocarbon line, (virtually undetectable) they didn't stand a chance.
Saved again...
This Didn't Work, Yet:
Still a little early for the shad to move up from the deep and into the shallows, nevertheless, I tied on my 1/2oz Sexy Shad large frame spinnerbait, looking for a bite.
Nothing, yet.
As summer turns into fall, switching to a 3/8oz Sexy Shad, casting into and around debris, fallen logs, and into the tulies will often trigger aggressive bites.
That's what I'm hoping on.
As for now, at my local lakes, It's finesse all the way for deeper bass in the hot sun.

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