Sucky Fishing Equipment Hacks That Save Me

The Importance of Fishing Gear

One of the most important things in the world of bass fishing is your mind. Training your mind to have the right equipment for catching bass and you'll be solid.

When I started out in fishing, quality was always on my mind. You've seen and heard the angler that says, "I'm always breaking lines and rods so I buy cheap." Hmmm, think about that statement for a second. My personal philosophy in fishing gear hasn't failed me in the past 25 years of fishing, so I'm sticking to it.


And that is, "Buy quality and don't settle for cheap gear, quality gear doesn't break down under the elements, as cheap gear will. Now, this is not to say that I don't buy quality gear at great prices, because I do.


Novice fishermen are often thrown off by the specifics of fishing gear. It's the true angler that creates extreme focus on learning the best and most powerful gear to bring to the lake.


When I'm searching for new reels I like to run a few through my hands, take the components apart and inspect them, making sure the dual brakes are not made of cheap plastic.


My Reels Usually Include:


  1. Solid Brass Construction
  2. Magnetic Brake Systems
  3. Aluminum Spools and Graphite Profiles (body)Gear Ratio's Include: 5.2:1, 6.2:1,7.1:1  Different gear ratios give me great usability on the lake, allowing me to switch up my presentation and baits for all conditions.

What about my guides?


Line guides should be checked with a Q-tip to insure that the holes fit your line properly and won’t easily tear when reeling in a large fish.


Making sure that your rods and reels are properly maintained is important because without proper maintenance even the best reel on the planet, can prove to be faulty when it comes down to a raging battle between you and bass. Avoid losing fish by completing routine maintenance on your gear. I know, you'd rather fish, and so would I.


You should check your rods for cracks after each trip. It's not difficult. Start from the backbone handle by running your hands and closely inspecting with your eyes, toward the rod tip. Note any cracks or divots in the rod itself and set those aside to take to your local repair shop. Catching these cracks early will save money from having to buy new rods when you don't need or would rather buy lures.

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