Latest Stock Status - Premium Soft Tangle-Free Skirt Tabs | Easy Kasting


🏭 Skirt Tabs Currently In Production - Delivery Expected Soon!

Thank you for the warm response to our tangle-free skirt tabs—they fly off the shelves! But don't worry, we've heard you. The fan favorites are recurring back in production. We've meticulously curated details of each product in the table below, giving you an overview of what's cooking in the factory. Keep us bookmarked, and never miss out when your favorite skirt tabs spring back in stock. It's time for a grand second coming!


Item # Expected Restock Date Color Series
8801-034 December 5 2023 Hot Pink Standard Silicone Tabs
8801-018 December 5 2023 Green Pumpkin Standard Silicone Tabs
8801-030 December 5 2023 Pearlescent Standard Silicone Tabs
8801-231 December 5 2023 Hot Chartreuse  Standard Silicone Tabs
8801-036 December 5 2023 Glow in the Dark Standard Silicone Tabs
8801-065 December 5 2023 Black / Red Flake Standard Silicone Tabs
8801-101 December 5 2023 Green Pumpkin Black Standard Silicone Tabs
8801-155 December 5 2023 Dark Watermelon Red Standard Silicone Tabs
8801-160 December 5 2023 Green Pumpkin Standard Silicone Tabs
8804-530 December 5 2023 Black Holo Silver Scale Sil-A-Chrome Silicone Tabs
8817-209 December 5 2023 Red Yellow Chart NE Multi-Colored Silicone Tabs
8807-078 December 5 2023 Black / Blue Flake Fire Tip Silicone Tabs